Archery, World Cup: Azzurri out of the finals

After two consecutive silver medals with the Azzurri of the Olympic arc in the cup stages of Antalya and Gwangju and after the European team title two weeks ago in Monaco, to which are added a total of 4 other finals played in 3 international races between recurve and compound , Italy leaves empty-handed without accessing the finals in the third stage of the World Cup in Paris. Italy’s only hope also vanished: the two mixed teams, both of which were eliminated in the second round: the curved duo with Boari and Nespoli from Germany (Bauer-Wieser) for 5-1, the compoundists Tonioli and Fregnan from France ( Dodemont, Boulch) for 156-154. One after the other, all the Italians also came out in the individual recurvo: Tatiana Andreoli was the archer who made the longest, stopped in the round of 16 by the Taipei athlete Chia-Mao Peng for 6-2. At this point the Azzurri are ready to leave for Oran, Algeria, to compete in the Mediterranean Games. The departure is scheduled for Monday 27, directly from Paris. Taking part in the expedition to North Africa will be Mauro Nespoli, Alessandro Paoli, Federico Musolesi, Tatiana Andreoli, Lucilla Boari and Chiara Rebagliati.


“We leave Paris without having achieved a final, but the results need to be analyzed well, considering that we were eliminated in the team tests, but at the end of hard-fought matches and with good scores. In the previous stages and at the European Championships we did well. and we were rewarded, this time not. Nothing serious, also because we have the opportunity to make up for it in a few days, since we are ready to leave directly from France for the Mediterranean Games, where we want to do well, also looking at tradition archery in this event. The 2024 Olympics? We are working to consolidate a team spirit that we hope will also be decisive for the continuation of a season that is non-stop at this time of year. prediction of the very busy calendar of 2023, the decisive year in view of the Olympic Games. From a technical point of view there have been clear improvements in the qualifying match, but the same pre cision in the direct clashes that other national teams manage to have. On this we are still a bit lacking, we naturally have room for improvement, but always keeping in mind that passing the rounds in the world cup is not something to be taken for granted, even the most accredited athletes or teams pay duty, but this does not mean that ours duty is to work to be decisive also and above all in these phases. The staff are relatively young but not inexperienced. We will find the way to be even more successful “.


In the men’s draw are eliminated in the round of 32 Federico Musolesi by the German Jonathan Vetter 6-2 and Mauro Nespoli by the Moldovan Dan Olaru 6-4, the two Azzurri previously had beaten respectively Pablo Acha (ESP) 6-4 and Sajeev De Silva ( SRI) 7-3. The adventure of Alessandro Paoli defeated 6-4 by the Taipei archer Chih-Chun Tang and Michele Frangili after the 3-7 with Md Ruman Shana (BAN) ends instead. In the women Tatiana Andreoli reaches the round of 16 who first wins 6-2 with Ukrainian Solomiya Hnyp, then repeats herself with a 7-1 over Slovenian Nina Corel, but is stopped by Chia-Mao Peng (TPE) 6-2. Chiara Rebagliati came out one step before the Korean Choi Misun 7-1: the woman from Savona had previously won 6-2 with the Indian Deepika Kumari. Out in the first round Lucilla Boari, 4-6 with Rezza Octavia (INA), and Elisabetta Mijno 0-6 with the Brazilian Ane Marcelle Dos Santos.


Therefore, the blue mixed teams do not reach the finals. In the Olympic arc Lucilla Boari and Mauro Nespoli are eliminated in the round of 16 by the Germany of Bauer and Wieser with the result of 5-1. The race of the compound mixed couple also stops in the round of 16. Marcella Tonioli and Elia Fregnan first win 153-150 with Ecuador (Rodrigo, Oleas Rodriguez) then are defeated by France (Dodemont, Boulch).



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