Approved the reform of the multifunctional pavilion of the Municipal Sports Center Aluche, in Latina – News from Madrid

The Madrid City Council has given the green light to the reform of the multifunctional pavilion of the Aluche Municipal Sports Center, located at Avenida de las Águilas, 14, in the Latina district. This was announced by the municipal spokesperson, Inmaculada Sanz, after the weekly meeting of the Governing Board. The works, which will be carried out by the Works and Equipment Area, will involve a municipal investment of 1.8 million euros and have an expected execution period of seven and a half months.

The work will focus on the reform of the space to provide it with a new distribution according to the activity of a pavilion of these characteristics with different sports uses. For this, the project includes the creation of the necessary spaces for the development of sports activities such as karate, judo, machines, spinning and bodybuilding. It will also have a male and female sauna, along with changing rooms for men, women and people with reduced mobility. In addition, the facilities will have a control area, as well as warehouses and a facility room.

Likewise, the renovation of the building envelope and the correction of problems detected in the facilities such as humidity or deterioration and wear caused by the passage of time are planned. /



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