La Deportiva also ‘jumps’ into basketball and will be linked to Ciudad de Ponferrada | El Bierzo News

City of Ponferrada will bear the name and shield of the Sports.


The Bercian club strengthens its ties with the Bercian basketball team, which will adopt the Ponferradina name and shield next season


Leonese sport is experiencing a new episode in which football and basketball unite their ties and begin to walk together. After the opening of the basketball section at the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa, it is now the Deportiva that finalizes the details with the Ciudad de Ponferrada.

The Sociedad Deportiva Ponferradina and the Ciudad de Ponferrada Basketball Club will further strengthen their collaboration ties, already very close in recent seasons, in such a way that the basketball team will wear the Deportiva shield and jersey from this season.

actual scenario

The president of Deportiva, José Fernández Nieto, confirmed this Thursday that the Ciudad de Ponferrada will be renamed Ponferradina, with its shield and its shirts in an alliance “which is natural, since the ties were already very close.”

In this way, Deportiva hopes to complete a step similar to what happened with the Ponferradina Women’s, which functions as the women’s football section of the Bercian club.

The agreement will be signed in the coming weeks.

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