Alliance Dojo 71 – One more success, the friends have come

That’s it, the full week dedicated to friends has ended, GREAT SUCCESS for the club.

In general, the judokas played the game of coming to introduce Judo to one of their friends.

These are about 70 young “future? » judokas who came to try this martial art within the different sections of the Alliance Dojo 71.

Many of them appreciated the proposed session and have already, for some, requested information with a view to registering for the month of September.

We are already working hard for the start of the school year, in fact, in addition to this week reserved for friends who saw 70 young people on their tatamis, the AD 71 supported by FRANCE JUDO launched a big promotion in primary schools. There are 470 young people from the schools of Montchanin and Saint Vallier who have or will take part in the discovery sessions; without forgetting a last operation which will take place at the end of August: “THE JUDO SUMMER TOUR” where we travel through 12 municipalities….. Soon more info on this initiative.

Let’s hope that all these promotional events bear fruit in September and thus allow the Alliance Dojo 71 to initiate its associative project and its development plan in the best possible way.