A professional football player arrested without a license after refusing to comply in Saint-Brieuc – Saint-Brieuc

A young professional football player, aged 20, not playing in a Breton club, caused damage to the vehicle he was driving, this Monday, June 20, at the end of the afternoon, in the center- town of Saint-Brieuc.

He was arrested on Boulevard Charner, near the station, by CRS Rennes bikers after a quick chase. The police were stationed on boulevard Clemenceau, just next door, for a usual road police mission.

The driver they intended to check would have tried to escape their sagacity by taking a bus lane… before colliding with street furniture. The tires would have suffered and above all, the case triggered the airbags. Despite this, he would have tried to continue on his way. In vain.

The suspect, whose license had been suspended after excessive speeding in February, was not placed in police custody, but heard at the Saint-Brieuc police station, where he would have recognized the essentials of the facts which are to him reproached.

He will be summoned in January 2023 for appearance on prior admission of guilt.



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