A Estrada triumphs in Santander

The A Estrada Badminton Club helped Galicia to increase its record this weekend in Santander in the Spanish Championship of Regional Teams. The bronze medal in the Cantabrian tournament went to Darío Míguez and Iziar Barcala, forming part of the children’s regional team of the specialty. In addition, ninth position for Álex Barcala and Rubén Comerón with the Cadet category team in a competition where the best from all over the national territory met.

The Estradense club has also congratulated our coach Jesús Pereiro and Manu Brea, for accompanying our players as coaches of the regional expedition” to the grassroots mountain championship. “In addition, we also want to congratulate the rest of the Galician players who made up the two teams and the coaches Sara Ezquerro and Rubén Espinosa, who made this weekend of emotions possible for everyone”, add the leaders of the A Estrada Badminton Club after the return of most of those selected with Galicia.

The statement from those responsible for CB A Estrada goes on to say that “congratulations guys for your work and effort, for a wonderful championship without stopping fighting for points at any time, knowing the toughness of the rivals, and setting the Galician bar very high. ”. Darío Míguez and Iziar Barcala have already joined this week in the national concentration of the federative program “Search for Champion”, which is being held again in Santander until next Thursday, together with coach Manu Brea.

high bar


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