A breath of fresh air for 200 young rugby players

It was a special weekend for 200 young rugby players and their educators at the foot of the Luchon mountains, on the site of the Luchon high school field, where the Rugby Club Luchonnais once played. The rugby school of the Stade Saint-Gaudinois Luchonnais Boulonnais, labeled at the start of the season by the French Rugby Federation, organized the first Olympics last weekend Eric Béchu, former player of the Stade Saint-Gaudinois before becoming a renowned trainer. The idea was not, at the end of the sports season, to impose yet another rugby competition; it was rather a question of creating, around the unifying theme of the oval ball and the values ​​it conveys, a pool of activities linked to the mountains, which wins us over and which is won.

Rugby and Olympics

Some 200 young rugby players in the under-12 category responded to the call launched by the team of Jean-Michel Lebail, Loréna Fernandez, Jeanne Peyré (the local stage) and the others. Coming from Stade Toulousain, Montpellier Hérault Rugby, Saint-Girons, Isle-en-Dodon and of course the SSGLB, met to taste different activities, in a concept made of diversity and mixed teams. On the Saturday program, rugby workshops as well as opposition matches. Sunday was dedicated to other activities, both fun and physical. Out of order: chistera, belly and glide, weight lifting, archery, tree climbing, lumberjacking, fly fishing, tug of war, we’re going and the best… All interspersed with meals , songs and this common life where we get to know each other, to discover the other.

Unanimous and dithyrambic opinions, from educators and young people themselves, on the quality of the organization and the relevance of the concept. With only one desire: to come back next year!



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