60-year-old IKKO struggles to be the first facilitator Nicole Fujita’s mother, Mamarun, also has a guest appearance on the “Buttobi” variety show “| | ORICON NEWS

Appearing in “Why am I !? Suddenly! Buttobi Offer” (from left) Tetsuya Morita, IKKO, Yu Sawabe, Mamarun (C) TBS

Talent IKKO (60) announced on the 25th that the TBS variety show “Why am I! ?? suddenly! In charge of her first facilitator in Buttobi Offer (after 2:00). With Yu Sawabe (Haraichi) as MC, Tetsuya Morita (Farewell Seishun no Hikari), and Mamarun (Nicole Fujita’s mother) as guests, “One day when an ordinary person suddenly asks for work from a big overseas player” I will introduce “a story that changed my life dramatically due to the arrival of the Buttobi offer”.

[Program cut]”Mother of Nicole Fujita” Mamarun is here!

The first Buttobi offer is “A Buttobi offer from an American super-popular NFL program that suddenly jumps into a Japanese woman and is watched by 60 million households across the United States.” A surprised offer came to a woman who was working part-time at a cafe while working as an actor in Japan. What is the offer that women received?

The second Buttobi offer is “3 employees! Buttobi offer from a big project with a budget of 30 billion yen or more that suddenly rushed into a tatami shop in downtown.” Kaori Matsumoto, a women’s gold medalist at the London Olympics, will challenge the reporter for the first time to find out the truth. The studio is filled with laughter in a novel tatami report from a judoka perspective. What is the secret of the tatami shop that attracted big projects?

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