WiPlanet: The Falisci with Lazio first among the regions

Victory in the Junior category could open the doors to the world final in the USA. In the meantime, the new yellow-green are preparing for the tournament on 3 July in Montefiascone

The Lazio selection of the Junior League (13-15 years old) won the tournament of the regions, gaining access to the European final which will be played from 26 June to 2 July in Modena.

The team, led by Roberto De Franceschi from Neptune and Alessio Monachini from Viterbo, won all 4 matches played; at the debut he prevailed 7 to 1 over Veneto, then 12 to 4 over Lombardy, then 9 to 5 over the listed Emilia-Romagna, and then outclassed Friuli Venezia Giulia in the final with a sharp 8 to 2.

The three boys from the Montefiascone nursery and trained by Roberto Fortunati are Leonardo Bertollini, Emanuele Ceccariglia and Giuseppe Tabarrini. This year they had to emigrate to Viterbo given the recruitment problems that Montefiascone Baseball has experienced and which fortunately today seem completely overcome.

With Viterbo Baseball they played in the Under 15 championship, also being able to count on the technical contribution that qualified coaches such as Giancarlo Massini and Mauro Quatrini provided to the boys.

In the selection they have always played and represented a third of the regional team, constituting a very important nucleus for the result achieved.

Bertollini played both second base and receiver and winger, obtaining a batting average of 429 at the end of the tournament, while Ceccariglia played both pitcher and shortstop, with a batting average of 222, but with a home run: Giuseppe Tabarrini, son of the president del Montefiascone, he always played outside, with an average defense of 1000, without errors and with 5 spectacular catches; in batting he got an excellent average of 500.

Now the timing of the following stages are very tight: the European stage will take place in Modena from 26 June to 2 July, with teams from the Netherlands, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania and Spain.

Italy in Europe is always among the favorites, but it will be necessary that all the pieces of the mosaic go into place to win.

But the eventual victory brings a huge reward: participation in the world final which will take place from 14 to 21 August in the United States in Taylor, USA, where all the teams from Asia, Central America, Europe and the United States will meet in a tournament that is also broadcast by ESPN.

The example of these guys is already involving the group of new adherents who increase every day and who will give life to Montefiascone on 3 July to a day of celebration in baseball, softball and minibaseball.

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