100 new sports facilities will be added this year, dozens of parks in Wuhan are scrambling to “move” – ​​Jingchu Net-Hubei Daily

100 new sports facilities to be added this year 29 have been completed

Dozens of parks in Wuhan scramble to “move”

Yihu Park fitness facilities Photo courtesy of Wuhan Landscape Department

□Chutian Metropolis Daily Jimu News reporter Chen Xi correspondent Zhao Yinfei Zhou Defei

Friends who like to play, don’t have to worry about not being able to make an appointment. More sports facilities such as badminton courts, basketball courts, and football fields are entering the parks on the streets of Wuhan’s three towns.

Not only square dancing and running, but also to meet the different fitness needs of citizens and friends, the static park is moving and full of vitality!

Yesterday, Jimu News reporter learned from Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Landscape Architecture and Forestry that 100 new sports facilities will be added to dozens of parks and pocket parks this year, and the number of each park varies. So far, 29 have been completed.

Basketball court and running track add dynamism to the park

Driving past the intersection of Changqing Elevated and Second Ring Road, you may not have noticed that there is a vibrant park hidden under the overpass, its name is Fuxing Interchange Sports Park.

Peng Min, captain of the Jianghan District Greening Team, told Jimu News that there are two basketball courts in the park to meet the fitness needs of surrounding residents. The Donghu High-tech Zone Contemporary Sports Park also has a basketball court.

Yihu Park in Jiang’an District is rich in fitness equipment, including parallel bars, pedals, stretching and other fitness facilities, taking into account the different needs of adults and children.

Jiefang Park, which is being “dressed up”, adds vitality and dynamism after dressing up. A runway is being built along Lake No. 1. “Around the hot spots of residents’ fitness needs, the old park is also rejuvenated.” Lan Songtao, Minister of the Park’s Conservation Department Say.

Don’t underestimate the pocket park, it is also fully functional: Dongxihu District Friendship Pocket Park has a table tennis stadium; Donghu High-tech Zone Pailou Shu Pocket Park has built a football field.

Why did the quiet park move? It turned out that according to the “Wuhan Municipal Government Work Report” and “Wuhan City’s Greening Work Plan in 2022”, the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Landscape Architecture and Forestry launched the project of “constructing 100 sports facilities using composite park green space”.

According to the relevant person from the park department of the bureau, as of now, the construction of 29 sports facilities has been completed, 12 sports facilities are under construction, and the remaining 59 are in the project stage.

Soccer field badminton court one after another

Zhongshan Park is dynamic and dynamic, and the amusement facilities are children’s favorite. What sports will the park introduce?

“The movement is suitable, and chess is introduced.” The person in charge of the park said that it is planned to combine the park landscape improvement project, and an outdoor chess and card table will be installed in the central square. The needs of citizens and friends; it is also planned to dismantle a waste amusement project that originally charged a fee and replace it with a free children’s amusement parent-child amusement project. At present, this plan is still being optimized and implemented in the second half of the year.

Continuing to reveal, Lu Pei, Hanyang District Garden Center, introduced that Ink Lake Park and Lianhua Lake Park will also introduce sports facilities.

A football field is planned to be built in Gaoxin 6th Road Sports Park in Donghu High-tech Zone by the end of this month, and a badminton court is under construction in Xinghe Park, which is expected to be completed by the end of November.

In Hongshan District, Guanshan Park, Wujiawan Park, Yangchun Lake Park, Tuanjie Park, Hongxia Park, Shengli Park and Renhe Park will add youth unpowered facilities, which are planned to be completed by the end of November.

A basketball court has been added to Xihuan Park in Caidian District, and a badminton court will be added to Jiangtan Park in this area by the end of November.

According to the relevant person from Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Landscape Architecture and Forestry, the task target decomposition of municipal parks and sports facilities in various districts (functional areas) is derived from the decomposition of greening work objectives and tasks in 2022. , combined with the tasks of new construction, renovation and upgrading, and confirmed after docking with the sports department; these parks and pocket parks with additional sports facilities are all near the residential area, which is convenient for them to exercise and exercise when they go out.

Will it increase next year? The source said that it will be comprehensively considered according to the supporting conditions of urban park sports facilities and the needs of surrounding residents.



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