Pitched battle between German and Scottish fans in the center of Seville

A National Police van, in the center of Seville. / EFE


Dozens of Eintracht and Rangers radicals fight hours before the final throwing chairs and umbrellas during a massive confrontation

R. C. Madrid

Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 8:06 p.m.

Dozens of German and Scottish fans got into a fight on Wednesday afternoon, three hours before the Europa League final, in a massive fight in the center of Seville. During the confrontation between Eintracht and Rangers radicals, chairs and bottles were thrown, among other objects, and umbrellas were used as a shield.

The pitched battle surprised a National Police car next to the San Bernardo bridge, which was surrounded by dozens of fans from both teams. The agents must have used their shields to protect a citizen who was passing by. The Police vehicle suffered broken windows, while Eintracht and Rangers fans were involved in violent incidents in an area open to traffic.

On Tuesday night, five German fans were arrested for assaulting several Scottish fans and subsequently throwing bottles and flares at the Police on Paseo de Colón.



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