Mavs, Barkley: “You don’t win a game in the first half”

Under the magnifying glass of Race 2 analysis, i 19-point lead wasted by the Dallas Mavericks. He discussed it Charles Barkley.

You don’t win a game in the first half. They scored a lot from three points and tried even after half-time. It didn’t work, but the Warriors have to be credited for keeping on pressing the accelerator

Charles Barkley

Coach Jason Kidd’s team closed the match with 47% from the arc: a percentage that would have been even greater than that at the end of the match if the Mavs had found more consistency in shooting also in the second half.

21/45 to the siren (including a 6/10 by Reggie Bullock, a 5/10 by Luka Doncic and a 5/7 by Jalen Brunson), of which 15/27 only at the interval. The Mavs have continued to insist with the heavy shot, perhaps thinking they already have the game in their pocket.

They thought they had already won, but the shot didn’t work

Shaquille O’Neal



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