Laia Palau, new ‘Team Manager’ of the women’s basketball team

Laia Palau closes the player stage but will remain linked to Uni
Aniol Resclosa

Laia Palauex – international and who announced his retirement yesterday, joins the technical body of the Spanish women’s basketball team with the Team Manager, as announced this morning by the Federation. At the age of 42 and after a career of 25, he will make his new responsibility in the next rally that will start next Tuesday.

Before hanging up his boots, the exaler lifted 33 titles and won 12 medals with the Spanish team. “I stop playing basketball. I don’t want to use the word retired because I’m not giving up basketball. I’ll look at it differently,” Palau said in his farewell. The player with the most medals wearing the shirt of the Spanish national team has announced that she will stay in Girona to lead the academy that will open the Uni with her name.

The women’s team, led by Miguel Méndez, will concentrate next week to play four friendly matches and prepare for the qualifying phase for Eurobasket 2023, which will be played in November in Slovenia and Israel.



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