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Following the issuance of the first round of 20,000 “sports and fitness coupons” on April 29, on May 10, Nanjing issued the second round of 20,000 “sports and fitness coupons”. At 12:00 noon, citizens can enter the health module-sports fitness interface through the “My Nanjing” app to grab free coupons. This fitness voucher can be used in all Huimin sports venues that cooperate with “Ningtihui”. The items include swimming, badminton, table tennis, tennis, basketball, yoga, archery, billiards, ice and snow, karting, taekwondo and other 18 items. Nanjing has 12 administrative regions. At the same time, the fitness coupons can be used on the “Ningtihui” sports service platform for the benefit of the people, and they can be used in combination with the low-cost and free-opening discounts for venues, which can be described as a “double discount”.

According to reports, this year, the Nanjing Municipal Sports Bureau will issue sports and fitness vouchers totaling 1.5 million yuan, which will be issued at 12:00 on April 29, May 10, and May 20 respectively. The validity period of the fitness voucher use verification is from May 1st to 10th, May 11th to 21st, and May 21st to 31st.

(Article source: ShanghaisecuritiesNewspaper Chinasecuritiesnetwork)

Article source: Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network

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original title: fitness walk! On May 10, Nanjing issued the second round of 20,000 sports coupons

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