FKIF Frederiksberg Badminton | Free trial training

FKIF is one of the most vibrant and social badminton clubs in the metropolitan area. That it is also one of the cheapest does not matter either.
We have room for all age groups from 4 years and all levels, as we can offer games from elite to exercise level. This along with a lot of like-minded and dedicated badminton players.

Our department for Children & Young People has a really skilled coaching staff that ensures that all children get off to a good start with the world’s best games. This can be done already from a very young age, where our “Miniton” training is extremely popular. It is also here that the parents participate, which gives the opportunity to do a good exercise together. We also have room for new ones on our other youth teams.

If you are an adult and have played for a long time, then FKIF is also an opportunity to have your skills tested further. For the coming season, our 1st senior team can be found in the Danish Series and the 2nd senior player in the Copenhagen Series. We also have room on our other teams.



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