Financial helping hand to local badminton club

Ejbyhallen was full of expectant badminton players on Saturday 14 May. Customer advisor in Rene A. Holkenberg was over with a donation on behalf of the Spar Nord Foundation to FGH Badminton of 25,000 kroner.

The coaches of FGH Badminton will in future receive a helping hand in the form of a newly purchased shuttlecock machine. The new purchase has become a reality through a financial helping hand of DKK 25,000 from the Spar Nord Foundation.

FGH Badminton is a local badminton club that manages to create offers for everyone, from children and young people to the experienced exerciser. According to Rene A. Holkenberg, the local badminton club consists of an incredible number of volunteers, who make a big difference for the club on a daily basis.

– As a locally based bank, it means a lot to be able to contribute to the local community’s many associations. That is why we are also proud to be able to help FGH Badminton with the donation from the Spar Nord Foundation to create better training facilities, says Rene A. Holkenberg.

For the treasurer of FGH Badminton, Franz Lægteskov, the shuttlecock machine is a good supplement to relieve coaches and at the same time maintain the high quality of the training.

– We are incredibly happy for the great donation. The machine is a fantastic help in the daily training, where you have the opportunity to set different training programs, so our members can practice different strokes, says Franz Lægteskov and continues:

– The donation from the Spar Nord Foundation means an incredible deal to us. We have had a shuttlecock machine on our wish list for a long time.

Do you want to know more about FGH Badminton or are you interested in one of the club’s many initiatives? Then you can read more on FGH Badminton’s website:

About the Spar Nord Fund

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