Ergin Ataman: It made me happy to see Galatasaray in such an atmosphere

After the match, Anadolu Efes Head Coach Ergin Ataman made a statement to the press.

– What did Ergin Ataman say?

Saying that they decided to lower the tempo after the first match they lost, the experienced coach said, “We’re trying to go inside and attacking the set a little more. We did that today as well. Actually, we couldn’t find what we wanted from Larkin and Micic today, until the last episode. Bryant and “We dragged the game with Dunston. But we defended well throughout the game. We played an effective defense. We broke the match with our experience in the last period,” he said.

– “It was a pleasure to see Galatasaray in such an atmosphere”

Expressing that it was a very good play-off semi-final series, Ataman said:

“Of course, it was Galatasaray fans who added color to it. It made me very happy to see Galatasaray in such an atmosphere after a really long time. Galatasaray is one of the teams that is the locomotive of Turkish basketball. Just like Fenerbahçe, just like Beşiktaş. 15 thousand people are here. The atmosphere created by Galatasaray, together with Pistiolis, is really beautiful. Apart from that, I would like to express my gratitude to all Galatasaray fans who gave me a standing ovation when I came out at the beginning of the match. They supported us wholeheartedly all season, on the way to the European championship, on the way to the EuroLeague championship. I have always felt this. “Outside, on social media. Today, they deemed me worthy. I thank them.

There were minor unpleasantness in the last match, on the basis of administrations. But that too has been resolved. Our president and the president of Galatasaray spoke on the phone. Two friendly clubs. A very important semi-final series is being played here. Both teams and coaches are fighting to win. There was an atmosphere and match befitting the Turkish Basketball Super League Semi-Final.”

– Will Shane Larkin play in game four?

Making a statement about the latest situation of Shane Larkin, who had an injury during the match and returned to the game after receiving treatment, Ataman said, “I think the shoe hit his toe. Generally, Larkin wears new shoes in every match. They said that he has edema on his foot. They will look and evaluate. According to him. We will see. Whether we can play or not will be determined at the time of the match. Of course, our players are tired, we can also rotate in the squad,” he concluded.



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