Hamburg strong at the German Judo-Kata Championship – Budocentrum Hamburg

On May 28th and 29th, 2022, the German Judo-Kata Championships (DKM) took place in the Judo State Training Center in Hamburg. Judoka from the judo section of the Hamburg Police Sports Association (SVP) were among the top ten.

The Hamburg Judo Association (HJV) organized the DKM for the first time. The championships were held in a total of nine competitions. In addition, the “Inclusive German Kata Championships ID-Judo” took place on May 28th, 2022. On the first day of competition, the Hamburg national fighters Sönke Schillig and Johannes Kröger won and became German champions.

Carolin Charina Jeromin and Martin Etter at the German Judo-Kata Championships 2022 in Hamburg

In addition to starters in the nage no kata, participants in the ID category “katame no kata” were also registered. This category was organized for the first time. For the HJV, Martin Etter (3rd Dan) from the SVP as Uke, with his partner Carolin Charina Jeromin from HSV Stöckte (3rd Dan) as Tori, went from the SVP on Sunday for the first time with their katame no kata at a German championship Begin.

The pair had already placed third in the NJV Kata Open Championship two weeks earlier. In the nationwide strong competition, the two finally took seventh place in the overall ranking. The budo department of the SVP joins the HJV: “Nevertheless, it is a great achievement for both of them to land in the middle of their second tournament with a connection to the German kata top in the katame no kata.” The budo department of the SVP congratulates both of them cordially and wish you much success. Further information: / Text: Andreas Rasche (SVP) / Photos: Bärbel Münsterberg (SVP)

From left: Carolin Charina Jeromin and Martin Etter took part in the German Judo-Kata Championship for the first time and immediately took 7th place.



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