Eintracht: Why everyone suddenly wants to be like this club Regional

Frankfurt – “Hardly any other German club is as much fun internationally as Eintracht.” Man City’s Ilkay Gundogan tweeted.

“It’s just fun to watch. Plus the world-class support from the fans.” Writes world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger.

And Dortmund’s superstar Mats Hummels raves: “Wow Eintracht, it’s so unbelievably thrilling international.”

Everyone has a crush on Eintracht!

This has not only been the case since the wonderful entry into the Europa League final with the fantastic victories against the hugely favored teams from Seville, Barcelona and West Ham. They have been looking at Frankfurt from Europe for years, appreciatively and enviously.

Everyone in football actually wants to be like Eintracht!

A team with guys like Hinteregger or Trapp. A club that has a president who talks like his mouth has grown, calls war criminal Putin an “asocial psychopath” on TV and AfD supporters “shitty racists”. His choice of words doesn’t sit well with the elite, but people on the street love him and his attitude.

But above all: Passionate supporters who, in contrast to Bayern or Dortmund supporters, show that victories in the Europa League or titles like the DFB Cup are something special.

Eintracht President Peter Fischer (centre) cheers with supporters after the 1-0 win against West Ham

Foto: Getty Images

In short: Eintracht is also so popular because it is the opposite of many other clubs. ManCity and Paris are supported by sheikhs, while Hoffenheim and Leipzig like to call themselves projects. Eintracht is therefore like a club – and has therefore become the way of life of an entire region.

Gerre, frontman of Tankard and singer of the club’s anthem “Schwarz-weiß wie Schnee”, explains it like this: “Modern football without forgetting the tradition. I miss the soul of many clubs, Eintracht and their unique fans have that.”

Eintracht recently announced in a video clip: “Now is our time.” Hopefully for a long time.

Marketing expert: Eintracht fans are priceless for the city’s image

“It’s priceless!” Says Ines Philipp (42) about the image gain that unity brings to the city.

The Head of Communications at Tourismus + Congress GmbH sees the team and, above all, the euphoria of the fans as Frankfurt’s figureheads: “They are an enormous ‘soft factor’ for city marketing.” Because they show that the Main is not just about tough business and making money, but there is also real passion.

Philipp: “Unlike clubs that are so big that they stand on their own, the success has a positive effect on the whole city.”

moment changed everything The truth about Eintracht fans

Eintracht Frankfurt: The truth about the SGE fans

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