Boxing, wrestling, judo and volleyball work on techniques, heading for the Conade 2022 Nationals

CULIACÁN._ The preparation of the Sinaloa teams with camps continues this weekend. Last week corresponded to boxing, associated wrestling, judo y indoor volleyball where the technical issue was worked on.

One month after the start of the activity National Games Conade 2022these disciplines focused on their defense systems, review of techniques and combat style.

In addition, the disciplines sought to detect the small details and try to polish them, and allow them to reach the national phase in the best conditions.

Boxing, which had some fights between the preselected, worked on the adaptation routine, review of the technical fundamentals, basics and beating of sacks.

They started working with the coach Adolf Maldonadowho worked on the physical with the boxers, as well as movement and striking techniques, with jab, straight, upper hook and lower hook.

Jesus Rodriguezof fights, reviewed the techniques, both technical and combat, in addition to detecting the slightest error, trying to polish them and arrive in the best conditions, where they hope to achieve very good results.

Judo was more specific in its works. He did it in three sessions, two of them this Saturday. He worked himself under the orders of the trainers Edward Rivera y Moses Lopez Gomezwho focused on the standing of the judokas.

In addition to their concentration at the time of entering the competition, working on the counterattack, on the focus when the fight is being won, when it is being lost, when the fans are against it, among other things.

And indoor volleyball, which was held in the facilities of the CARCoach Juan Ramon Meza He worked with the Junior Men’s Youth team in the defense system, recovery system, attack system and held meetings with higher categories.



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