Badminton, orienteering and athletics: Piceno pupils on the top steps of the podium at the “Student Games”

ASCOLI – A more than positive mission for the students of the ISC Folignano-Maltignano, at the 2022 edition of the ‘Student Games’, what were once called ‘Youth Games’. The event took place in recent days between Senigallia and Ancona and for the Piceno representative there were several satisfactions.

Great results

Starting with the discipline of badminton, where the Ascoli troop won the regional phase and earned the opportunity to participate in the national phases scheduled in Trento from 23 to 26 May. The Isc Folignano-Maltignano will be the only school in the Marche present at the final, obviously with the dream of getting on the top step of the podium. In reality, there were two participating teams, but only one qualified: the one made up of Chiara Angelini, Alessia Pensiero, Mattia Paccasassi and Lorenzo Damiani, all eighth grade students from the Villa Pigna complex. As for the specialty of orienteering, however, the main satisfaction came from Cristian Danesi, of the second grade of the Maltignano complex, who qualified for the final phase of Trento in the individual competition. In the team competition, on the other hand, the ISC finished in second place, so it was unable to rank, as only one school per region entered the final stage.


Finally, in the regional stages of athletics three girls from the Villa Pigna complex failed to go to the final stage for very littleall ranking third in their respective disciplines: they are Daniela Caselli in the thousand meters, Maria Cittadini Bellini in the eighty meters hurdles and Maria Bernadette Fioravanti in the long jump. Finally, an excellent performance also for Cristian De Berardinis, student of the Villa Pigna complex, who finished in sixth place in the men’s thousand meters. The Piceno delegation was accompanied, in this experience, by physical education teachers Tiziano Baiocchi and Lucio Tarulli.


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