Massagno does not confirm his protest filed after his defeat against Union Neuchâtel

If Union Neuchâtel signed an incredible 71-69 victory at La Riveraine this Saturday, May 14, the game was tainted by an unusual match event.

While the score was 68-67 in favor of Neuchâtel and there were only 34 seconds left to play, Marko Mladjan was the author of an unsportsmanlike foul on Killian Martin. Guilty of three faults on the scoreboard, the player of Massagno is however excluded from the game for having committed, according to the officials, his fifth offense of the game.

In a play-off match this kind of thing is not admissible.

Massagno coach Robbi Gubitosa.

“In a play-off match this kind of thing is not acceptable,” plague coach Robbi Gubitosa. “We lodged a protest. We will look at the images to check if Marko made four or five faults.

This Sunday, May 15, we finally learned that the Ticino had decided not to confirm their protest with Swiss Basketball.

“When a protest is lodged during a match or within 20 minutes after the end of the match, teams must confirm it within 24 hours and deposit an amount to Swiss Basketball. I think that the people of Ticino reviewed the match and obtained confirmation that Marko Mladjan had indeed committed 5 faults, ”explains André Prébandier, communication manager for Union Neuchâtel.


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