ASSE: Hamouma has big regrets

Beaten by Reims (1-2), last Saturday, Saint-tienne slipped to 19th place in Ligue 1. A very embarrassing defeat for striker Romain Hamouma (35 years old, 21 appearances and 1 goal in all competitions this season), who harbors deep regrets.

“If we find ourselves in this situation, it’s because we didn’t do the right things. Because we didn’t win the games that were important. We had the cards in hand at a moment to do the job and we didn’t do it. It’s our fault. There were individual and collective errors. The first responsible is us and we have to assume “, argued the Green in conference Press.

“A lot of people have seen us come back. There have been a lot of efforts made and we may have paid for that. Unconsciously, we may have lowered our foot, continued the former Caennais. If Metz wins its match, they will have succeeded and if Paris did not play the game, that’s how it is. We did what was necessary to be in this situation. (…) The teams are not there to be made gifts.”

To hang on to the play-offs, ASSE, which faces Nantes, will have to obtain a better result than Metz in Paris.

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