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Throughout this last day of the League I-2022 was protests by the Colombian professional soccer players, who did not play the first seconds of each of the matches, with the aim of being taken into account for decision-making in each of the assemblies.

On this the referent and captain of the America of Cali, Adrian Ramoswas blunt at a press conference.

We cannot overlook what we footballers are doing, it is the moment where we are tired, we want them to listen to us, have a voice and vote for the planning of the tournament, I think that the protagonists are us and we are the last ones who take into account . For Colombian soccer to be more competitive, many things must improve and from there have better conditions for soccer players, so that they do not pass over us anymore, we are tired and we ask you to please sit down, negotiate with us and let us all make decisions , so that Colombian soccer improves”.

He continued: “That we are more competitive and we are not talking about failures every time we compete at the international level, because if they don’t take us into account that we are the protagonists, it will be very difficult, we understand that everyone in their branch, but we are tired of everything we have gone through and it is time for them to listen to us, we are not asking for anything from the another world, simply to have a voice and a vote as they do and for Colombian soccer to improve. I hope that in this period that we have to stop, we can reflect and sit down to negotiate, listen to us footballers, so that we have better football”.

They want the league to be better organized: “It is getting more and more difficult and they don’t listen to us, we are the protagonists of the show and we are the last ones they think about and if we speak they ignore us. That’s why after every eight days we are talking about international failures when we want to compete in the best way, but they don’t listen to us, so when are we going to improve? We have to have a more organized and competitive league, in that we are clear, not that I say so, the results are showing us and they have us and they must listen.

He added: “Like them, we want to win, but this is teamwork to improve Colombian football at the international and national team levels, we have to sit down and listen to the players, we only ask for that and that we have a voice and a vote, so we all move forward , because for now they haven’t done it, they don’t want to listen to us”.

Juan Andres Arias Arias
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
And Twitter: @ AriasJuan_15



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