Sergio Ramos fined 250,000 euros for illegal logging

Alcobendas City Council has convened an extraordinary plenary session this Friday for thefelling of around 80 centenary oaksin a property of a company linked to the footballerSergio Ramosin the Moraleja.

Specifically, the agenda includes the "approval of the sanction imposed on Aguileña de Inversiones Sociedad Anónima for infringement of Law 8/2005 on the protection and promotion of urban trees".

Since the City Council have confirmed that it is centenary oaks, and, as Europa Press has learned, Aguileña de Inversiones is linked to the captain of the Spanish team.

The file that will be approved this Friday in the plenary gathersa fine of 250,000 eurosand the obligation ofplant the triple of felled treesin the place that says the City council, that can be or not in the property where they have been cut.

This file will be approved this Saturday possibly unanimously in the plenary session and, therefore, the sanction, since all the groups have shown their position in favor in the last days.

With the full, the administrative phase ends and it would be the Community of Madrid that could open a criminal action against property for environmental crime.


Navarro signs Jaime Ramos

Navarro has taken the services of striker Jaime Ramos, from the youth of Covadonga. Last year he scored 34 goals ….


Sergio Ramos matches Zarra's goals with the national team

Sergio Ramos equalized Telmo Zarra with his goal against Sweden. The Sevillian, who certified a penalty that opened the scoring in a match that had been entrenched to the team led by Robert Moreno on Monday, reached 20 targets as international, the same as the legendary Athletic striker and is already only one to sneak into the 'top ten' of historical gunners of the national team. Although the Biscayan has much better average because he got them in 20 games, at a rate of one per game.

The captain of the Spanish team is enrachado. He has scored in seven of his last eight games wearing the national jacket, 'wetting' in each and every one of the last international 'windows'. And he even had the opportunity to raise the account, but preferred to give him the release of the second penalty committed by the Swedes to Álvaro Morata.

Some records that are benefiting especially for their safety from the penalty spot. The central has converted the last thirteen maximum penalties he has released, which makes it a real life insurance in this fate.

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Since opening a new stage in the Spanish national team after the failure in the World Cup in Russia and the arrival to the bench of Luis Enrique, Sergio Ramos has become the main offensive stiletto of the national team. His seven goals put him ahead of the three signed by Paco Alcácer and Rodrigo, the next in the list of goal-scorers of the national team.

Sergio Ramos, who has a stone's throw the Iker Casillas international record -they have two games remaining to reach the 167 games in which the elastic of the Spanish team was the goalkeeper Móstoles-, crowned with his goal a day in which he was honored shortly before the game began by the 122 victories as international that reached against the Faroe Islands, record on an international scale.

«A little step» that brings the European Championship closer

The center was "happy with the result" and showed the difficulty of overcoming a team like the Swede. "They close the lines very well and it costs life to generate occasions. In the first part they have made a tremendous effort and we have taken advantage of it. In the end, what we wanted was the goal, "said the Andalusian, satisfied that he had taken" a little step "towards the European Championship.

He referred to the gesture he had when giving him the release of Morata's second penalty. «The forward lives on the goal and Morata is a 'killer' and after having marked the first what better way to leave the shot to the partner so that he regains confidence. The work is collective not individual and what less to leave the partner, "explained Sergio Ramos, who also remembered Luis Enrique, absent again for family reasons. "It is true that it is an abnormal and complicated situation and what better way than to give victory to him and his family and achieve these six points and return to normal," he said.


Sergio Ramos will continue at Real Madrid: «I would play for free here»

"I'm a Madridista, I want to retire here and what better way to look to the future and leave the past behind. The day I leave I would like to say goodbye through the front door, winning» So he confirmed Sergio Ramos this Thursday its continuity in Real Madrid, putting an end to the speculations on the presumed desire of the defense to go to China.

The future of the defender attracted the attention of Real Madrid since 'El Chiringuito' revealed last week that I meditated leaving the 'white house' and it was known shortly after that he had a important offer of Asian football that had even led him to ask for the letter of freedom, something that Florentino Pérez himself ratified in Onda Cero's 'El Transistor'. «I told him that that could not be. It is impossible for Real Madrid to let its captain go free. It would be a terrible precedent, "said the president.

The trigger for the situation had been the deterioration of the relationship between employee and manager, who maintained a strong collision after the elimination of the targets at the hands of Ajax in the last 16 of the Champions League on March 5, when the manager rebuked the staff and the defender for his poor performance, to which the Seville responded by arguing that the The cause of the debacle was poor club planning. A verbal cross that reached a level of bitterness such that the leader would have threatened even with dismissal. «You pay me and I leave», was the replica of the international, annoying since then with information slipped by the club environment that, he considered, impaired his image.

A theme of "trust and affection"

Sergio Ramos admitted in his appearance in the press room of the Santiago Bernabéu that these tensions were the cause for which he questioned the suitability of ending his journey at Real Madrid. "I have always said that my dream and my dream is to retire at Real Madrid. I would be willing to play for free here. The relationship with the president has always been from father to son, but who has not ever fought with his father», Said the Andalusian, who assured that the economic aspect never appeared in his conversations with Florentino Pérez. «It is a matter of trust and emotional affection. In my life there are two very important legs, the hobby and the president. There were things that I did not like, that had hurt me and it was best to talk face to face and that third parties did not interfere ", indicated the soccer player, who remarked that on Wednesday wounds were restored. "Yesterday we fixed everything and after that there are many words. We want to build the future of Madrid together after a disastrous year, "added the central. "I have not talked about my contract or money with Florentino for a long time," he insisted.

«There were things that I did not like, that had hurt me and it was better to talk face to face and not interfere third people»

Sergio Ramos recognized that he had a juicy offer from China, although denied that he had requested the letter of freedom to Florentino Pérez. "The relationship was not as I wanted it to be. I have never wanted to go to China, I have not asked for the letter of freedom. It has been speculated a lot, within 15 days I have a wedding and I really want to give Florentino a hug. I want to stay in places feeling really loved, "he said, eager to highlight at all times that he was not looking for an extension of the contract that expires in 2021 or a salary increase but that his doubts were born of not feeling sufficiently valued but that is already" everything solved ». And he even emphasized that it would not bother him that the club incorporate stars with higher salaries than his own. "All players who come and win more is a good sign because they will be top players. I am very happy with my contract, "he said.

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The disagreement after the clash with Ajax had been the most publicized but not much the only bitter episode between the two figures, who already fought a hard tug of war in the summer of 2015, then settled with a renewal accompanied by a salary increase after wielding a succulent offer from Manchester United. Two years ago, the opinion of Sergio Ramos, spokesman with Iker Casillas of the feeling of much of the costumes, was key to Florentino Pérez assumed that the cycle of José Mourinho had ended after three convulsive years. It would also be essential to stop the arrival of Antonio Conte this past season when the Italian was the best placed to relieve Julen Lopetegui.

With "calm" conscience

Ramos reiterated that with Florentino Pérez he has always had "a very good relationship with certain ups and downs," something he said he "missed", but explained that "from the offer to the decision to leave there is a world and everything has been magnified. » "They leave things that should not go out and when they come out they generate a wrong diffusion in people", influenced the Sevillian, who acknowledged that the clash after the game against Ajax was "a moment of great tension", a "drop that is filling the glass "until it passed, although the waters have returned to their course. "I I have to feel loved by my president, by my hobby and by my colleagues. That little foot was a little loose and had to be straightened. We have done it and from now on there will be no problems, "said the Spanish international, who said he had" a very calm conscience "and said he feels" at ease "with what he earns.

"I have to feel loved by my president, by my hobby and by my colleagues. That little foot was a little loose and had to be straightened. We have done it and from now on there will be no problems »

Denied having been erased in the final stretch of a campaign to forget by Real Madrid taking advantage of the injury suffered after the duel with Valencia. «The one who doubts me or thinks I'm out of the way is that he knows me little"He said in reference to one of those speculations that caused him discomfort, although he was calm about the confidence of the fans in his figure. «I do not think he doubts. We have always been very loyal and Real Madrid. We have always been merged and over these 14 years it is profitable for me to have only been punched one day, "he said before launching a message of hope for the next campaign. «We have a future with a very good look. We all hope to see a champion Madrid next season, "he said.


Ramos, the impossible substitution

He has not played for a month and a half because of a complicated fiber break in his left soleus. The lack of objectives of the club has allowed him to recover well, without having to force, for once in his career. Sergio Ramos returns to football. The captain of Real Madrid hopes to reappear at last on the last day of the League. An absence that the team has accused too much. The center is much more than a defense. He is the head of the squad on and off the field and both terms are very important in each field. Command, order, position and firm his companions, dressed long and short. He is the head of the wardrobe. There is nothing done that he does not lead or approve. And he's Zidane's field boss. It is necessary to say it, because in the white house they value it thus: it has become indispensable. To Seville, 33 years, he has two or three seasons at the highest level and the entity can not find a player capable of replacing him in the future. A goal that is very important for sports management. It is not easy to know how to take that baton in the grass.

Your campaign: 42 matches. He has played 28 League games and five Champions matches. Sum 3,661 minutes of competition

The situation demands to continue the search and to obtain defenses of level that at the same time know how to direct the line of rearguard and make themselves respected. It's not trivial. Militao, 21 years old, is the latest promising acquisition. The technicians want to have plants that play next to Ramos to tan and feed on that leadership. Many speak of the Dutch De Ligt, but Real Madrid is not willing to enter the path opened by the City of Pep Guardiola to pay 75 million for a central twentysomething.

Ramos takes care of himself with a Spartan demand to extend his career as long as possible. On April 6 he played his last game, in Mestalla. Zidane granted him a break on the following day, against Eibar. And on April 12, three days before the visit to Leganés, he suffered fiber breakage. He has missed these two matches mentioned plus the appointments against Athletic, Getafe, Rayo, Villarreal and Real Sociedad. Yesterday he trained in Valdebebas individually, but today or tomorrow he will join the job with the squad and wants to measure himself against Betis, his usual rival in Seville.

Seven days without playing: his last game was played at Mestalla on April 3

Luis Enrique tomorrow will give the call for the meetings of the Spanish team against the Faroe Islands and Sweden, valid for the European Championship 2020, and the captain hope to be in it.

Despite his absence during seven consecutive league matches, Ramos has played 42 games this season, in which he established his new top scorer, eleven goals in a campaign, which on Sunday he wants to improve. His shots show the relevance he has in the team. His success in penalties thrown Panenka style reveals the security that many strikers do not possess.

Eleven goals: it's his personal record. Topped 41 times in its 42 matches

The coaching staff stresses that Ramos, leader of the rearguard, has finished 41 times in the 42 matches played by the captain, data that reflects his offensive tendency. Another important aspect is that the captain has been averaged one foul per game, 42 in 42, a figure that confirms his desire to climb the attack. The center admits it with sincerity: «I always wanted to be a nine».

After a month and a half in the backstage, four very intense weeks begin for the captain. He wants to play against Betis on Sunday, in the Faroe Islands on June 7 and against Sweden at the Bernabéu on the 10th. And on Sunday, June 15, he marries Pilar Rubio. Ramos has recently been baptized to be married by the church in his native Seville. This season has only lifted one title, the Club World Cup. It thinks to make a good pre-season, without the wear of a World Cup or a European Championship, to return to the successes.