5 types of basketball that you may not know

If we go back to the origins of basketball, it appeared at the end of the 19th century at the Springfield YMCA at the hands of James Naismith, a physical education teacher of Canadian origin. Since then, the sport has gained more and more popularity and spread through both American colleges and universities in the early 20th century.

From then until now, basketball has gained so much popularity that many people bet on their favorite team in the best gambling houses. sports bets. Where they put their knowledge of the sport to the test and put their faith in their team.

Over the years, and with the evolution of this beloved sport, different variations of it have been created. Some may be better known than others, but all just as incredible. Next, we will know some of these.

water basketball

The biggest difference with the other variants of the sport and this one in particular, is that it is practiced in a pool. Actually, it shares several rules with water polo. The baskets are placed floating at both ends of the pool. The two teams must have 5 players each and will have a limited time to score or they will lose possession.


Many say that this variant is more of a show than a sport. It is characterized by having elastic beds, which are used to perform stunts and big jumps before finally being able to take the ball to the basket. The reality is that no one can deny that it is one of the most fun variations to watch.


One of the most recognized and practiced variations by hip hop fans. Here the main importance is given to the confrontations between the attacker and the defender, also known as “head to head”. The attacker makes incredible moves with the ball in order to impress the opposing team. It is argued that to play in this way it is necessary to have a good sense of humor and friendship.

Basket Playa

It is played on a round court where there is a basket with no backboard in the center. Teams must have a maximum of 3 players who must be barefoot. Points are made by introducing the ball into the basket. Since it is in the center and it is impossible for the ball to bounce off the sand, the game is said to be a rapid succession of passes and shots.

Wheelchair Basketball

It is one of the main sports designed for disabled people and they have their own world competition in the Paralympic games. Its rules are quite similar to traditional sport, always adapting to wheelchairs. The main difference is that the ball must be passed only once the player pushes himself or herself a maximum of two times in the wheelchair.



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