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[Special dialogue on “an entrepreneur’s different ability”]Mr. Fumiaki Koizumi x Mr. Jo Hirao (4/4)


In March“Techniques for finding, solving, and practicing problems that produce overwhelming results with the entrepreneur’s way of thinking” different solution “”PublishedJigen Co., Ltd.Mr. Takeshi Hirao, President and Representative Director. He is an up-and-coming entrepreneur who has achieved sales and profit growth for the 12th consecutive term since the company was founded, with the president at the age of 25, the listing on Mothers at the age of 30, and the listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange at the age of 35.
It is Mr. Fumiaki Koizumi who marvels that Mr. Hirao is “another power of Superman”. In charge of IPO of internet companies at Daiwa Securities SMBC (currently Daiwa Securities), which joined the company in 2003 after graduating from university. He changed jobs in 2006 to Mixy, who was deeply involved. He became a director at the age of 27 in 2008 after working as president’s office manager and business management headquarters manager. After he retired from Mixy in 2012, he helped several startups in December 2013.MercariJoin to. Four months later, he became a director in March 2014 and became president and COO in April 2017.He now acquired a 61.6% stake in 2019 with the Chairman of the Board, who took office in September 2019.Kashima Antlers FCAlso serves as President and Representative Director of.
An era in which uncertainty is high and we cannot rely on precedents or straightforward methods. Among them, the two who have produced overwhelming results are “Entrepreneurial way of thinkingI had you talk about.
In the 4th serialization, we talked about “personality” and the way the organization should be. What exactly is an organization that “individuals are empowered” that Mr. Koizumi emphasizes?
(Photo: Jigen Co., Ltd., Saki Tsuda, composition Masao Nitta)

If you maximize each different strength, your organization will become stronger.

――With the importance of diversity being called out these days, it is necessary to create an organization that can make the most of individuality. Therefore, in the 4th dialogue, I would like you to talk about creating an organization that can make the most of your individuality. In particular, how should we make the most of our individuality in an organization that “empowers individuals” that appears many times? I would like to ask you that.

Civilization Koizumi (hereinafter referred to as Koizumi): The basic idea is that even if there is a difference in human abilities, it is not that big. So if you maximize each person’s strengths, I think your organization will be successful. In that respect, I and Shintaro (founder of Mercari) and I and Mr. Kasahara (founder of mixi) have opposite strengths and personalities. I’d rather work with the opposite person.

Jo Hirao (henceforth, Hirao):Is that so.

Koizumi: Go to a common goal from the exact opposite. Although he has an absolute goal, his personality and strengths are exactly the opposite. That’s why I want to do it. People with similar abilities enjoy communication, but they have similar thoughts, so there are fewer problems to solve. The idea is that if you want to climb a mountain as high as possible, you have to climb it with someone who climbs differently.

Hirao:So that’s it.

Koizumi: At that time, instead of looking at each person’s weaknesses, think about how to utilize their strengths. I think that’s the basic idea for climbing a high mountain, so we have to maximize each person’s abilities and create an environment where individuals can be empowered. Mercari is conscious of D & I (diversity & inclusion), but it’s a bit difficult word. To put it plainly, an organization where each person has a place to live and each person can commit to what he or she wants to do. If so, it may be more like a flat relationship, rather an equal partnership. That’s why, even more so, we need an axis to support the significance of the partnership, and by doing so, we can have a common understanding of how to do it.

「野球型組織」から「サッカー型組織」へ移行するべき理由<br />” src=”” class=”lozad”/><span><strong>Civilization Koizumi (Izumi Fumi)</strong><br />
<a rel=MercariDirector President (Chairman)
Kashima Antlers FCPresident and CEO
After graduating from Waseda University Faculty of Commerce, he was in charge of IPO of Internet companies such as Mixy and DeNA at Daiwa Securities SMBC. Joined Mixy in 2006 and oversees the entire corporate division as a director, executive officer and CFO. After retiring in 2012, he supported several startups and joined Mercari Co., Ltd. in December 2013. He was appointed as a director in March 2014, as president and COO in April 2017, and as president and chairman in September 2019. From August 2019, he concurrently serves as President and Representative Director of Kashima Antlers FC Co., Ltd.

Hirao: It’s mission vision value.

Koizumi: Recently, it has become commonplace to raise mission vision value, but we have been saying that for a long time. Without that axis, flat organizations tend to fall apart. When I explain it, I use a folding fan as an example. Folding fans don’t want to send the wind. If you raise it as soon as possible, you can send a good breeze. For that purpose, the straight lines on both sides of the fan should be long and wide open. But I think what really matters is the fasteners that are the cornerstone of the fan. If the fasteners are weak, the fan will fall apart. I can’t even send a strong wind. This fastener is the mission vision value. How strong can the fasteners be? The management must do it firmly.

Hirao: Easy to understand.



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