Transfer to Avigliana for Piacenza

After having equalized the scores in the standings by winning both matches in Codogno, the red and white will be busy again away, this time in the province of Turin to visit the momentary leaders Avigliana, even if talking about the standings is now premature, as the season has just begun and several matches scheduled last weekend did not take place due to bad weather. Just the Rebels of Avigliana, engaged in Parma against the Junior, were forced to stop by the rain. In the first round of B, however, both matches against Fossano came out as winners. Result that allows them the primacy in Group A with full points. Very young team in the phase of consolidation of their talents among the senores, last year demonstrated that they can put any opponent in difficulty, especially on the home diamond: especially in the first meeting, the high-ranking teams (Piacenza included) came out defeats by confrontation. The long journey to reach Piedmont and the consequent early rising could have influenced this particularity. This year, however, Avigliana is played on Saturday, afternoon and evening, and the starting factor may no longer be a problem. Marenghi’s boys, with morale high for the double clear success in the derby, will have to be careful not to suffer from excessive enthusiasm: only by staying with your feet on the ground but keeping in mind your potential will you be able to continue the season in the best possible way. of ways. News from the infirmary confirms the unavailability of Paolo Cetti, recovering from a muscle injury, while the ailments of Perez, Capra and Nodari will be evaluated at the last minute.
Day program:
Avigliana-Piacenza; Catalana Alghero-Junior PR; Milan-Fossano; Ares MI-Codogno.
Group A classification:
Avigliana 2v 0p; Junior PR 2v 0p; Milan 3v 1p; Piacenza 2v 2p; Ares MI 2v 2p; Catalana Alghero 2v 2p; Codogno 1v 3p; Fossano 0v 4p



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