NFL: The 100 million to AJ Brown ‘steal’ the night of Travon Walker, 1 of the NFL Draft

LThe NFL is a non-stop of emotions. To ‘sell the business’, in other words. Because despite the fact that several months have passed since the end of the season -with the title of the Rams- and the comings and goings of Tom Brady, it is a “great circus” that does not stop. And with the Draft, it takes another step towards the new course, with the presentation of future stars and those signings that establish new rules on the board. In the case of AJ Brown, it is well worth changing the interpretation of the great staging of the rookies.

It was the case of AJ Brown, one of the receivers “disenchanted” with his contract after the new realities with the salary in his position. Brown, who was owned by the Titans, was still drawing his contract salary when he came to the NFL and asked for a big upgrade. Not be in Tennessee, because he has been transferred to the Eagles. And in ‘Philly’ they don’t ‘walk with half measures’, because they put 100 million dollars on his table.

The great news that you eclipsed the Draft, because it is a class of rookies with many unknowns. Without a great university dominator, and who has seen how AJ Brown’s move and Hollywood Brown’s move to Arizona marks a night intended for young people.

Travon Walker, number 1 in the Draft

As expected after the past few weeks, Travon Walker, ‘Defensive End’ of the University of Georgia, was selected as number 1 in the Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Necessary piece to provide consistency to one of the worst (or worst) defense in the NFL, exceptional in pressure, and consistent in tackling.

That first place was always related to Aidan Hutchinson, one of the best in the country in the position of ‘Defensive End’. The pre-Draft tests leave him second and address Detroit, another team that is crying out for renewal. Like the Texans, who closed out the top-3 with another defender, el cornerback de LSU Derek Stingley Jr.

The winner of the Draft

There is an agreement between American football fans and the American sports press with the great success of the New York Jets. In fourth place they selected one of the most entertaining and spectacular players in the class, the ‘cornerback’ Ahmad Gardner, with conditions to dominate the NFL. His nickname is ‘Sauce’, with that everything is said…

Surprising, of course, is that the first quarterback drops to No. 20. Kenny Pickett, from the University of Pittsburgh, and that he will have a ‘high-flying’ challenge, since he will be the relief of Ben Roethlisberger in the Steelers. A ‘rookie’ in the place of a football legend.



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