Juan Cruz Real believes that Junior continues to evolve

Junior took a breath in the League and returned to victory after three games without success. For this reason, the Argentine coach Juan Cruz Real thanked the Atletico players after the 3-1 victory against Alianza Petrolera.

“I want to thank my players for their efforts. They played a good game, against a rival who plays well, who have been working together for some time, who is annoying in the game. We were able to return at eight. I’m happy for Miguel who is starting to score goals. In general terms we lacked a little more efficiency, if we had been successful we would have scored more goals. It is true that in some moments of the game the rival began to impose itself a little more in our field at times, there were things we learned that we must improve. The changes were to refresh the team. We came from playing against a rival at altitude, we had to refresh. We continue to evolve, the team is understanding when to withdraw, when to play in the middle third, there are things to improve, but we are going down that path, ”said the helmsman.

Although the Barranquilleros deserved to win, the Atlanticenses had several scoring chances to have won by more goals, something to which the coach referred.

“It is always good for a team to create situations. We have to continue to improve efficiency. If we need five chances to score a goal, we will lower it. I’m happy with Luis’ work, with the wingers. He leaves me alone several things that the team does. We made several starts from behind, in the second half we had one that started with Viera and we ended up in their goal. We want to be effective, but I’d be much more concerned if we didn’t create goal situations”, said the coach.

Finally, the strategist, who remains undefeated at home, referred to the tough agenda they will have this week (they face Unión on Wednesday for the South American and visit Cali on Saturday for the League).

“We have a busy week. We will leave tomorrow (Sunday) to Argentina. We have a game on Wednesday, surely from there the return will be directly to Cali, that’s what we have to do. We are happy that this touches us, to compete at an international level. I have a group of players committed to what they are doing, we have to give it a go”, he concluded.


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