Jonas wins fifth place in Portuguese ‘Grand Prix’

Latvian motorcyclist Paul Jonas won the fifth place in the most prestigious MXGP class competition of the fourth stage of the World Motocross Championship – Portugal – on Sunday.

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The Latvian motorcyclist representing the Husqvarna factory team was seventh in the first race and fifth in the second.

Jonas, who won fourth place in the qualifying race on Saturday, finished seventh in the first race after the first bends, but then climbed to fifth position, which he was able to maintain for half of the race, then retreating to sixth place. In the last two laps, Jonas is overtaken by Spaniard Rubens Fernandes.

At the beginning of the trip, the Spaniard Jorge Prado took the lead, who managed to keep the first place until the finish. Second place went to Brian Bogers from the Netherlands, but Tim Gajser from Slovenia finished in the top three.

In the second race, Jonas quickly took third place, while the leader was Prado, followed by Gayser. Slovenia gradually approached the leader and, approaching the middle of the journey, overtook the Prado. In that order, they reached the finish line, but Jonas gave way to the Dutch Glen Koldenhof and Bogers by the end of the trip.

Prado won the race with 47 points, Gausser was second with 45 points, and Bogerss with 40 points. 30 points gave Jonas fifth place.

In the overall standings of the World Championship, the leader with 186 points is Gayer, 165 points with Prado, and the third with 144 points is Frenchman Maxim Reno, who finished 11th in both races on Sunday. Jonas is in position 11 with 72 points.

It has already been reported that in the first stage in the UK, Jonas did not participate due to surgery of inflamed tendons in the wrist. After the second stage, in which the seams were released, another operation was performed in Belgium, and in the third stage – the Argentine “Grand Prix” – after his first victory in the qualification, Jonas took the fourth place.

The 2021 championship was won by Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings, leaving behind Frenchman Roman Fever and Slovenian Tim Gayser. Herlings is still healing injuries and has not started this season.

Latvian motorcyclist Jonass, who did not start in the final two stages of the season, finished the season in eighth position.


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