Huge confusion on Sparta! Ask Mr. Shindler, Gulas raged

It was just the 36-year-old from České Budějovice who, with a goal of 1: 2 in the opening minute of the third period, drew hope for Motor to turn around.

But less than four minutes after Moravčík’s goal, it went out again, and when Tomášek increased to 4: 1 for Sparta in another 50 seconds, there was no sign of the South Bohemian flame.

“Don’t be angry, I won’t judge. Sparta has the second point, we now have two matches at home. I believe we will turn it around. For the team, I can say that we are satisfied. You have to ask Mr. (Vladimír) Šindler that we had so many excluded in the match, “Gulaš began his assessment and mentioned the head of the jury, although he knew very well that on the day of the match his actors are forbidden to comment on the men in the strip.

He came across the fact that from the 48th minute and the 4: 1 score for the home team, Motor fined seven smaller penalties compared to two for the people of Prague. Until then, only Vráblík was paying for the guests – in the 32nd minute for rudeness.

It is true that the situation from the 48th minute caused great confusion in the O2 arena in Prague. Českobudějovický Šenkeřík tripped the shooting Spartan Němeček, who then knocked down the goalkeeper Strmeně out of inertia. However, the “bad man” Motor Štich did not like this, who immediately started after Němeček and started massaging him.

Resume in the form of sentences? Šenkeřík 2 minutes for tripping, Štich 2 + 2 minutes for roughness and Jurčina 2 minutes for roughness. “We play 5 on 3,” one of the main referees René Hradil reported to both captains Michal Řepík and Gulaš.

Motor trainer Jaroslav Modrý slammed the door of the inverter angrily. He did not appreciate that his charges received two additional two-minute sentences. In the end, however, Sparta’s double power play did not occur. The punishments for Jurčina and one of Štich’s were not reduced, but Jurčin’s and Šenkeřík’s. Although it may seem illogical, the rules allow it.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Michal Vondrka from České BudějovicePhoto: Vlastimil VacekRight

De facto, the game was only affected by a 2 + 2 penalty for Štich, so Sparta had a four-minute classic power play at its disposal. But eight seconds later, Piskáček received Tomáš for two strikes in the head and neck area (a stick held in both hands hit him in the shoulder) for two minutes, and Budějovice went to three.

And Sparta took advantage of the game in double numerical superiority after only four seconds with Guy’s intervention at 5: 1. Even after that, however, Motor remained in three, because that ended only the first of two penalties for Štich (Piskáček’s continued), so another long weakening of guests 3 to 5 followed.

Photo: Michal Krumphanzl, ČTK

The barrier in front of Dominika Hrachoviny’s goalPhoto: Michal KrumphanzlČTK

The South Bohemians have survived this, as well as other subsequent games in four against five after the fouls of Beránek, Pouzar and Valský. At the second point for Sparta in the series, however, it could not change anything.

“I believe we will have both matches at home. We were better on Monday and there is nothing we can do about having so many outcasts in the back. I believe that we will turn the series around because we have more strength, “says Gulaš.


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