How to play dnf male judo in 2022

dnf male judo belongs to the auxiliary control type C, the explosion speed is relatively fast, and the survivability is very strong. The disadvantage is that the skill cycle is poor.

An overview of the profession

Armor Proficiency: Light Armor

Weapon Mastery: Gauntlets

Output Type: Physical Percentage

Male judo has a wide x-axis strike range and a medium and short-range y-axis strike range. It has high explosive power and medium-high endurance. There are various forms of skills that can adapt to different environments, which is very suitable for the main output. Of course, there are also certain weaknesses. The current version may still have some skills that can wear monsters under network conditions. It is recommended that players facing these problems replace the computer or optimize the game, using accelerators and other methods to improve the game experience; The combo ability is poor; relatively For high-burst occupations, its damage and skill performance time are slightly inferior, but this may also be a limiting factor brought by higher playability, a comfortable output environment and a larger skill range.

2. Basic skills

1. Trigger of serial grab:

Chain grab is similar to softening, but with a difference, softening is to increase the damage of subsequent skills, and skills that are released separately during the buff duration can also enjoy the bonus.

High-level chain needs: savage/comet link other skills or reserve two sleep, use three skills.

2. Reserve the second sleep and release the third sleep to refresh the high-level serial grab

Reserving a second sleep or releasing a third sleep skill can refresh the high-level chain grab, which will continue for 30s after the performance; players can use Floating Cloud Kick, Rapid Wave, Rock Break, One Sleep, Blast Lightning, Black Vibration and Destruction come to make an appointment for a second sleep.

You can also make an appointment after the three senses are bound to the second sense, and the high-level serial grab will be refreshed regardless of whether you make an appointment or not.

3. Even tricks:

(1) Control combos in the face of controlling monsters. Use the comet and the hot wheel to start the control effect, then the black shock whirlwind and the ruthless blow, and then the lightning bolt. At this time, the monster is still in the control state, and you can take another stone crack to make an appointment for three sleeps.

(2) Back jump + other skills (back jump is convenient but not recommended, because the monster is alive, back jump cannot adjust the body in time.)

(3) Rapid crash + other skills; it can greatly reduce the forward movement of some skills

(4) Release the Floating Cloud Kick + other skills in the air, emphasizing that the use of rapid waves can quickly fall to the ground and use other skills to eliminate the movement forward

(5) The Black Shock Whirlwind makes grabable monsters into non-grabable monsters to achieve grab bombs and deal full damage;

(6) Normal attack + savage collision during movement can prevent characters from sliding forward during the charging process of savage collision;

(7) Using Wind Lightning on building monsters can shorten the skill performance and character displacement by double-clicking;



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