controversy surrounding owner Glen Taylor… and his chickens

For two weeks now, the images have been the same every game night in Minnesota, namely those of demonstrators entering the field to disrupt the course of a meeting. These intrusions, rare enough in the NBA to be underlined, come from a controversy around one of the side businesses of the owner of the Wolves, Glen Taylor. We take stock.

It’s become a kind of common thread when Anthony Edwards’ band performs at home. In the last three meetings, people have tried to enter the field to temporarily stop the meeting of Wolves. As we said, these facts are very rare in the NBA, a league renowned for the security present during matches and for the neat image it sends back to all observers. However, the lights have been on Minneapolis for two weeks because of these rather embarrassing events for the League’s business. At the source of this concern? The owner of the franchise, Glen Taylor, who owns in parallel to his basketball activity an agri-food company producing eggs and based in Iowa. Until then, all is well since owners with a fairly broad portfolio of activities are legion in the NBA. Yes, but in recent days, avian flu, the ultimate scourge for this kind of sector, has appeared in one of the sites of Rembrandt Enterprisesthe Taylor box.

Health regulations in the United States oblige, the company had no other choice but to kill all the animals infected with the disease, and this is where the controversy arose: we will not go into details. , but the method of executing the chickens caused a lot of noise – by asphyxiation – and created indignation among animal rights associations. Questioned by a number of local media, public authorities like Rembrandt kicked into touch and passed the buck to each other, in no way helping the situation. Appeals are currently underway to determine the legality or otherwise of the facts legallybut like any case of this kind, many parameters have to be considered and justice must take the time to do its job.

On the other hand, on the side of the associations for the defense of wildlife, there is no question of letting such a case pass. Often fond of “punch” actions that mark the spirits to draw attention to their fight, the members of the association Direct Action Everywhere therefore took advantage of the audience offered by the NBA Playoffs to inform the public and all the media of what was happening on the side of this industrial site in the depths of Iowa. It is successful, because like this article, a lot of ink has flowed to find the causes of these very unusual images. On the other hand, it’s a shame for the Wolves players who have to deal with this when their season from a purely basketball point of view is one of the most successful in recent years. Nothing to question any sporting aspect via this storybut it must be frustrating for this group not to be able to focus solely on basketball in the context of the return of the Playoffs in Minneapolis after five years of drought.

These images of incidents at basketball games are very rare in the United States, so it was fitting to explain the ins and outs of this story around Wolves owner Glen Taylor. Now, nothing to destabilize the basketball team, which is coming out of a complicated Game 5 and absolutely must react. At home.

Source : Daily Mail



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