Clear Chris Paul leads Phoenix to victory: “I’ve never seen this” | NBA

Phoenix, Dallas and Philadelphia have qualified for the 2nd round in the NBA playoffs. The performance of Suns-guard Chris Paul in particular stood out last night. The almost 37-year-old playmaker did not miss a single shot against New Orleans.

Phoenix had a small surprise in store for the 6th game against New Orleans, as shooting guard Devin Booker recovered faster than expected from a hamstring injury.

Booker looked a bit rusty on his return and was stuck on 13 points, but the star of the evening was Chris Paul. The Suns playmaker once again showed his class. With 33 points without a miss, he led his team to a 109-115 win in New Orleans, good for a ticket for the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Paul scored all his 14 shots, including 1 three-pointer, and was also clear from the free-throw line with a 4 out of 4. He also handed out 8 assists. Paul set a record in the play-offs with 14 shots without a miss. “I’ve never experienced this before. Unseen,” said teammate Booker with admiration.

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Dallas counts out Utah

Phoenix will face Dallas in the semifinals in the Western Conference. The Mavericks won against Utah for the 4th time in 6 games tonight: 96-98.

Dallas only got going in the 2nd half in Salt Lake City after a hesitant start. At halftime, the Mavericks still owed 12 points, but in the 3rd quarter, Luka Doncic (24 points) and co turned the tables.

In an exciting final quarter Utah still had the chance to decide the match, but an ultimate three-point attempt by Bojan Bogdanovic stranded on the ring.

Philadelphia wipt Toronto Raptors

Philadelphia is the last to qualify for the semifinals of the Eastern Conference. The 76’ers made it to the Toronto field by a wide margin last night to win the series 4-2.

Joel Embiid was again the star with 33 points and 10 rebounds and James Harden was also on the appointment. The shooting guard scored 22 points and also provided 15 assists.

Philadelphia will face Miami in the next round. The other semifinal in the East will be between Boston and Milwaukee.

Thursday’s results:

  • Toronto – Philadelphia 97-132
  • Utah – Dallas 96-98
  • New Orleans – Phoenix 109-115
second round (best of 7)
Eastern Conference
Miami Heat (1) Philadelphia 76’ers (4) 0-0
Milwaukee Bucks (3) Boston Celtics (2) 0-0
Western Conference
Phoenix Suns (1) Dallas Mavericks (4) 0-0
Golden State Warriors (3) Memphis / Minnesota 0-0
first round (best of 7)
Eastern Conference
Miami Heat (1) Atlanta Hawks (8) 4-1
Philadelphia 76’ers (4) Toronto Raptors (5) 4-2
Milwaukee Bucks (3) Chicago Bulls (6) 4-1
Boston Celtics (2) Brooklyn Nets (7) 4-0
Western Conference
Phoenix Suns (1) New Orleans Pelicans (8) 4-2
Dallas Mavericks (4) Utah Jazz (5) 4-2
Golden State Warriors (3) Denver Nuggets (6) 4-1
Memphis Grizzlies (2) Minnesota Timberwolves (7) 3-2


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