Central was more of the same and fell during his visit to Tigre

If the Central who arrived beaten after the classic and with a change of coach had to give a different image and show some hint of rebellion, the distance between saying and doing was enormous. And so, what should have been a debut for Leandro Somoza with indications that recovery was immediately viable remained a mere intention, but with the pain on the surface more than ever after a new defeat (one more in the tournament) who did nothing but put the scoundrel in a situation of extreme complication with a view to qualifying for the final instances of the tournament. A match to be forgotten, in which he looked blurred from start to finish and which he lost 2-0 with absolute justice at the Matador’s house.

First and quick conclusions of this Central Somoza version, it was a team without rebellion, without self-esteem, to which the brand new coach undoubtedly could not instill new things in these handfuls of days that he arrives at the head of the group. But the bottom line, and without being rushed because it is Somoza’s first game, the scoundrel continues to be a team with a weak jaw, which falters at the first blow. Because it is worth clarifying, despite handling the ball a little better after Magnín’s penalty, Central’s inability to twist history was always evident.

That momentum of the first few minutes was what Central showed at the start of the game, which quickly faded when Tigre began to get hold of the ball. It is that this scheme with two three fourth players (Infantino and Vecchio) and Ruben up front was not enough to press the exit. And the generation never had life. It is that Vecchio was absent and without football buddies.

The dynamism of Montoya on the right and Benítez on the left was not such and that was some of the various drawbacks that the scoundrel showed in that first half in which, although just barely, he suffered from Tigre’s dominance.

One minute Infantino was out of breath entering from the left but they closed it just right. It was the only thing for the scoundrel in those first 45 minutes. Yes, just that. A little bit. Of course, on the other hand, Tigre had nothing left over, because he did show better management of time and geography, but without punch. The mold was almost broken when Prietto from the left put the ball into the heart of the area for Protti to try to submit Servio, but he was very well placed, although the ball was clearly outside.

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But the papal to Central began to burn at the beginning of the complement, with that childish hand of Báez and the clear penalty (it was not even necessary to resort to VAR) so that Magnín hit the first blow to a Central that, conspicuously, He began to handle the ball a little more, without the slightest idea to generate some danger.

And this version of Somoza’s Central was similar to the previous one, that of Kily, with a team that never made it clear what they wanted to play. It is that the DT broke the initial scheme, put another striker and already with the 0-2 (a great goal by Blondel), he put in three other variants that seemed more of a commitment than by conviction.

When talking about the inability of the team to generate offensively, it is worth remembering what that play was in which Ruben broke through on the right and when he reached the bottom he raised his head and had no choice but to hit a strong shot at the near post because inside the area had no partner.

The image of the three substitutions together at the end, with the 0-2 already established and of course, can also be taken as a test case of this sad story of Central on Tigre’s court, where he came for some small sign of recovery and where he managed to add more headaches.

The Somoza effect did not work and Central was more of the same. And as long as that happens, the scoundrel will sink more and more into that state of concern in which he is immersed.


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