Ouch! Mourinho’s painful moment fell on the roof of the bench


Victory AS Roma on Sampdoria colored by two scenes that were crowded among the supporters. That is about beautiful goals and Jose Mourinho kejedot!

Roma won narrowly on the trip to Sampdoria at Luigi Ferraris, Sunday (3/4/2022) evening WIB in the Italian League continued. Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s goal was the only difference between the two teams.

The process of creating Mkhitaryan’s goal was crowded on social media. Roma built up attacks from behind, involving at least 20 foot-to-foot touches, until Mkhitaryan finished.

But there is one other snippet that is quite disturbing. Namely when Mourinho hit the roof of the bench with a bang. Ouch!

“Everything’s fine, really,” he said to her DAZN reported Football Italia.

Jose Mourinho doesn’t seem to mind going home with a frown on his head because Roma won. It also marked his first win at Sampdoria.

“There is always one opponent like that. In England there is Newcastle. I won there after three or four times. Here, I need time to win over Samp,” continued the Portuguese man.

“It’s a difficult game, playing here is difficult. Marco Giampaolo’s team always has a clear philosophy. The culture at Rome is, if you win a derby it’s like flying to heaven and if you lose it’s a total disaster.”

“But we managed to stay humble, focus on this game and get the win.”



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