Billère: a new page opens at the Pau Golf Club

Commissions for all

Saturday 9April, the nine new representatives on the steering committee (i.e. six men and three women depending on their proportion in the club) took advantage of an internal tournament to present their projects to the members of the Pau Golf Club.«We want all good ideas to be taken into account and for this we are going to set up commissions in which all interested people can register.“explains the president.

Several themes have already been identified: sport, animation, field, public relations, golf school, finances and heritage.«The PGC is an associative club, not a commercial one. Everyone can say what they thinkinsists Marc Bourdat, Secretary General.

Fight against prejudice

Miguel Brehier, vice-president, member of the PGC for 19 years, wants to make it more attractive. “Golf is too confidential in France, recognizes . It’s a marvelous sport that needs to be opened up, especially to children.»«Originally, it was the wealthy class who played golf, today there are all social categories, like you and me. In Asia, I worked with English people and played sports with them. With them, when you play, there is no longer any social barrier, the driver plays as an equal to the ambassador. It is this atmosphere that we find here“says Marc Bourdat. «Me, my first golf bag, I paid 100 dollars for it and I used it for ten years“, adds John Afilaka, in particular winner in 2018 of the Mc Nab Cup.The new steering committee now has three years ahead of it to carry out its projects.


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