This is the agenda of the Commission that will approve the Statutes of the Professional League

Sports world has had access to the agenda of the Board of Directors for next Monday, March 14 and where the Bylaws of the Company will be approved Women’s Professional Soccer League. Competition that will have the acronym LPFF. An extensive agenda where the Statutes and General Regulations of the Men’s Professional Soccer League will also be modified. The summons for all the members of the Commission is at eleven in the morning. At 12:30 pm, the appearance of José Manuel Franco, Secretary of State for Sport, is scheduled to take place to publicize this transcendental step in the future launch of the women’s league and where the CSD will have a key role with their financial contribution to the start-up of the infrastructure of women’s employers.

Slingshot shooting or Futgol will be sports modalities

In addition to this approval of statutes, the Commission collects the approval of five new sports modalities. And among them, according to the order of the day, are futgol, Croquet, Kyokushin, Savate and sports Slingshot Shooting. From this Monday they become recognized as new sports by the CSD.

In addition, the CSD is expected to authorize the modification of the Statutes in eleven sports federations such as Chess, Baseball and Softball, Handball, Chess, Ice Sports, Chess, Judo, Olympic Wrestling, Motorcycling, Canoeing, Rugby or Taekwondo.

The Board of Directors will also approve new regulations in the Federations of Basketball, Handball, Baseball and Softball, Swimming, Canoeing, Rugby, Squash, Archery or Volleyball.

Three clubs are registered as new SAD

In addition, three football clubs will be recognized as SAD. They are San Sebastián de Madrid, Eldense and Palencia Club de Fútbol. The agenda is completed with an appeal for replacement in the Automobile Federation, cover the vacancy of a member in the TAD and the appointment of the members of the High-Level Sport Evaluation Commission.


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