the queen of the “short snout” is not Juventus

One of the sentences for which Massimiliano Allegri will go down in history is the “Short muzzle”that is the skimpy victory, in the specific case for 1-0, in a game played maybe even badly. Because what matters, in the end, is the result, exactly as in thehorse racinga sport inspired by which and referring to the arrival of two horses at the photo finish, Allegri, in a famous press conference, coined the “short muzzle”.

There are 4 seasonal “short nose” games won by Juventus

And the short muzzle there Juventus and he himself seems to be great specialists. In reality, at least for this season, it does not seem to be like this: there are those who, both in Italy and abroad, in the five European national championships for the most important clubs have won more games 1-0 than the Bianconeri, than for now they have been awarded quattro: in the first leg derby with Torino and at home with Roma, Fiorentina and Spezia.

Juventus: the queens of the “short snout” are in the foreign championships

The seasonal record holders of 1-0 in the league are the Manchester Citythe Real society and the Seville with may bewhile four, like Juve, there are other foreign teams, such asArsenalthe Liverpoolthe Lyonthe Manchester Unitedthe Marseillethe Montpellierthe Real Madridthe Tottenham and the Wolfsburg.

Juventus and the “short nose”: in Italy, Roma are also ahead

But not even in Italy, and this is the real surprise, Juve is the seasonal queen of the short nose. To hold this record, for now, is the Roma Of Jose Mourinho1-0 winner five times, against Udinese, Torino, CagliariSpice and Atalanta. Finally, at an altitude of four, like the bianconeri Milan (against Sampdoria twice, Turin and Naples), Naples (Torino, SalernoMilan and Sampdoria) and Spice (Turin, Naples, Genoa and Sampdoria).



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