That’s why tennis players are better than soccer players

Sophia Thomalla is currently on cloud nine with tennis star Alexander Zverev. She was less fortunate with her ex, kicker Loris Karius. Now the model blasphemes in an athlete comparison about footballers.

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For a long time it looked like Sophia Thomalla and soccer player Loris Karius were a dream couple. But the supposed “Mister Right” turned out to be a loser. He cheated on his girlfriend, was shot down by paparazzi while cuddling with another woman on a yacht. Thomalla immediately drew the red relationship card and broke up.

But another athlete was able to score with her: tennis star Alexander Zverev, with whom she has been in a relationship for a few months. Now the presenter draws the ultimate athlete comparison in a podcast by photographer Paul Ripke.

Sophia Thomalla hands out against kickers

And footballers directly experience a verbal blood slide. Thomalla: “You can tell footballers a bit by who has the most glittering watch on.” Tennis players are very different.

“I find it very pleasant that it’s not the case with tennis players. That it’s not all about who has the most expensive shoes, who has the most expensive watch,” Simone Thomalla’s daughter continued. In addition, she is “really happy to play a gamer”.

“On good terms with all my exes”

Anyone who now thinks that Thomalla is kicking Ex Karius here is wrong. By their own admission, the two get along well. “I’m on good terms with all my exes,” she says.

In any case, she can imagine a future with Zverev, even with children. But not now, because she prefers to enjoy “the jet set life and the hustle and bustle”. For offspring she would need a quieter life with less travel and projects. “Otherwise that would also give me a headache. If I become a mother, then I need my mother too. Always and everywhere,” said the model.


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