Hradec fell after the raids, Sparta takes a close win, celebrating Boleslav, Kladno and Motor

Mladá Boleslav defeated Karlovy Vary 3: 2 in the 41st round of the match and took another step towards advancing to the preliminary round of the playoffs. Thanks to their full points gain, the Central Europeans are currently ninth and have a luxurious lead of nine points over the thirteenth Energy. Oscar Flynn decided the match in the 56th minute with a great action.

Pardubice also confirmed on the ice of the Motor that the end of the basic part of the extra league did not catch them in good shape. The South Bohemians shot 7: 1, Dynamo booked the sixth defeat in a row and dropped out of the top four of the table. Sparta and Pilsen are one point ahead of him, but she played one more match.

On the contrary, Sparta, which won in Zlín, is in great shape. During the week after the final descent, the Rams made a draft in the squad, so the people of Prague were a big favorite. In the end, however, they were happy for a close 3: 2 victory. But even that moved them among the elite quartet tables. Sparta used two power plays, during the second Jandus scored the winning goal.

In the case of a full points gain in the 43rd round in Litvínov, Hradec Králové could bounce back at the top of the Třinec table. The steelmakers were free. But Mountfield despised the chances. The Eastern Czechs led by two goals, but in the end the duel reached separate raids, where Verva scored two points.

The fourteenth Kladno defeated Vítkovice 4: 3 in overtime in the completion of the 31st round of the extra league in their Chomutov asylum and holds the hope of escaping the retention draw. With three matches until the end of the basic part, they reduced the loss to the 13th Karlovy Vary to seven points. In the time of 60:51, Adam Kubík decided with his second goal in the match. Captain Tomáš Plekanec scored three assists.

The finish of the 52nd round had a dramatic ending, where Brno won over Pilsen 4: 3 only after separate raids. The match in favor of Kometa, which stopped a series of four extra-league defeats, was definitely put on its back by a transformed raid by Krištof.

Hockey Tipsport Extraliga:
Round 41 completion:
Mlada Boleslav – Karlovy Vary 3: 2
Goals: 32. Ševc, 35. Pláněk, 56. Flynn – 30. T. Rachůnek, 43. Plutnar.
Round 43 finishing:
Litvinov – Hradec Kralove 3: 2 SN
Goals: 36. Sukel´, 58. Reluctant, decisive raid Estephan – 24. Jergl, 27. Lalancette.
Round 44 finishing:
Zlin – Sparta 2: 3
Goals: 47. Kubiš, 58. Zabusovs – 24. Šmerha, 44. Řepík, 49. Jandus.
Round 52 finishes:
Ceske Budejovice – Pardubice 7: 1
Goals: 12. and 31. Vráblík, 25. Percy, 34. Beránek, 40. and 51. Ondráček, 41. Abdul – 39. Košťálek.
Brno – Pilsen 4: 3 SN
Goals: 35. Holland, 37. Šik, 44. Holík, decisive raid Krištof – 29. Kremláček, 36. Schleiss, 48. Malát.
Round 31 completion:
Kladno – Vítkovice 4: 3 in overtime
Goals: 28. and 61. Kubík, 19. Pytlík, 59. Head – 25. and 44. Fridrich, 57. Hruška.


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