He had a stroke, became disabled, did not give up, started playing basketball.

Selvi Kılcılar had gallbladder surgery at the age of 23. Kilcilar, whose gallbladder was removed, had a stroke due to the infection he contracted during this process. Having been paralyzed while dreaming of being a policeman, Kılcılar did not give up and turned to sports 10 years ago to overcome obstacles.

Kılcılar started playing here when he attended the course opened by the Iskenderun Handicapped Basketball Team and was successful. Selvi Kılcılar, who produces amigurumi knitted dolls to contribute to the home economy as well as sports, sells them at the clubhouse.


Selvi Kılcılar, who stated that she wanted to join the national team, also stated that she wanted to have a basketball championship in Europe. Kılıç said that he loves basketball and wants to play as much as he can. “I became disabled due to a stroke at the age of 23. Before, I was a spectator for a short time, I love basketball very much, I fell in love. After my disability, I did not stay at home, I did not become pessimistic and went to the field as an athlete. My environment, my president and my fellow athletes supported me a lot. It gives me great pleasure. I will do this sport that I love so much until I run out of strength.

I love basketball, which helped me cling to life. I want to play until my last breath and taste the championships. All I can say to people with disabilities is; Let them not stay at home and continue the struggle. Because life is worth living” said.



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