FIFPro wants players to be able to leave Russia on a free transfer

There is a chance that Guus Til and Jorrit Hendrix may leave Spartak Moscow on a free transfer. Players’ union FIFPro is urging FIFA to adjust its transfer rules because of the Russo-Ukrainian war.

Foreign footballers in Russia should be able to cancel their contract free of charge. “This must be arranged as soon as possible,” says board member Louis Everard in conversation with Football International† “The increasingly escalating conflict seems to us to be a reason to be able to terminate the contract without having to pay compensation to the club. We are now discussing that.”

During the corona crisis, changes were also made in the transfer market. “The FIFA board can adjust the regulations in emergency situations, that was also shown at the time. Given the extremely worrying situation, we believe that players should be given the freedom to leave the country. We want clarity on this as soon as possible.”



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