Amid a work stoppage, MLB will present a new proposal to the players

One of the main goals of the union during the negotiations has been for young players to receive better pay early in their careers.

International Writing.- Major League Baseball plans to make a new proposal to the MLB Players Association this Saturday with the optimism of being able to reach an agreement in time to start the season without delays.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said he was upbeat during a news conference that concluded the meeting of MLB team owners. “I am confident that we will have a deal in time to play our regular season … we are doing everything we can to get a deal done for our fans.”

The regular season is scheduled to start on March 31 and Manfred evaluates the possible loss of games as a “disastrous scenario for our industry”, adding that “we are committed to reaching an agreement and avoiding that.”

manfred said that “there is no change now”As for the start of training, which is scheduled to start next week.

MLB is scheduled to discuss schedules with the MLBPA on Saturday.

“We will make a positive and good faith proposal in an effort to move forward in this process,” Manfred said. “Whether or not it passes through the process, we don’t know, but it will be a good proposal.”

One of the main goals of the union during the negotiations has been for young players to receive better pay early in their careers.

“We agree,” Manfred said. “We really share that goal.”

In previous proposals, the league has offered an increase in the minimum salary, creating a central fund to benefit players who are not yet eligible for arbitration, based on their performance, as well as altering service time manipulation. .

“We have moved to the key player side in an effort to address their concerns,” Manfred said. He added that, under the league’s proposal, “every one” of the players prior to the arbitration process will be in a better position compared to the other deals.

“That is without considering the added values ​​such as the additional DH positions, which are well paid, instead of others with a lower salary, the elimination of compensation in the draft, which will increase the salary of the players,” he said. Manfred. “We’re talking about a lot of money.”

Additionally, Manfred said the proposal to extend the postseason would benefit both the players and the league.

“In total, the proposals we have made would move the deal in the direction of the players,” Manfred said.

Two positions the MLBPA has not budged on are two years of arbitration eligibility and a reduction in revenue sharing.

“Reducing revenue sharing would]certainly cause less competition, not more, changing our current arrangement to take resources from clubs with relatively limited revenue would make the game less competitive,” Manfred said.



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