Rome, Mourinho and the players criticized on radio and social networks

After the internal knockout with Juve, the square is in fibrillation. The biggest criticisms are for the players (“They lack personality”), but the Portuguese manager is not spared

On the one hand, the majority say that the only way out of mediocrity is to “follow Mourinho”. On the other hand, there are those who, fed up and disappointed, also put Josè in the cauldron: “Because if I have to think that these players cannot be made more successful, I will not take the most famous coach in the world”. Roma Giallorossi, since last night, is a fire that burns: everyone ends up in it, from the VIPs (the actor Alessandro Gassmann tweets: “Never na joy. Never ever, never, what bitterness”) to the common fans, naturally passing through the speakers and listeners of the radio, today more listened to than ever. The defeat against Juventus, as it came, the only point in three games after the victory in Bergamo: “When it seemed we were reborn, it hurt us” and a season that is proving to be more complicated than expected have divided the fans.

Con Mou

Many continue to believe that Mourinho is the only light in the dark, especially after last night’s words: “They should be tattooed on the players, carved on the wolf at the entrance to Trigoria”, the heartfelt appeal of a fan on a radio. Which? Here they are: “I told the players that I have to bring them to my level, not to go to theirs”. This sentence is liked by many, even if more than someone underlines how “Mourinho never takes responsibility. He is doing worse than Fonseca, unbelievable”.

Without words

Incredulity is perhaps the emotion that brings everyone together in Rome: on May 4, when the club announced the signing of the Portuguese, people were crazy, everyone thought he could upset the team in less time and they probably thought so. himself too. The reality, on the other hand, is very heavy: nine defeats in 21 games, the 3 goals in 7 ‘taken at home by Juve, the match without history with Inter, the shame of Bodo in the Conference League, the referee controversies that “also when we were right, and often we did, they emptied the team. ” A situation that a listener on a radio summarizes as follows: “I called you to tell you that I have nothing to say. I am speechless”.

The society

The club also ends up on the dock but less than usual: because everyone, those with Mou and those who criticize him, think that, although Roma is not a Scudetto, it is still a group that is worth more than seventh or eighth place . “Mourinho is right, good guys but without personality”, said a fan last night on a radio returning from the Olimpico. Then adding: “From the field it was clear that many legs were shaking”. True, but it is also true, the reply, that maybe it should have been Mourinho to give the players security: “If he can’t do it, nobody can”, another of the most popular comments. Because basically the heart of the matter is always one: Mourinho. Not Pellegrini, not Abraham, not Ibanez: Roma, strengths and weaknesses, are only their coach at the moment. And this is what the fans perceive every moment.



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