Nomeny. Judo has taken up the Covid challenge and regains its former workforce

Roland Mayance, secretary general of the departmental judo committee, president of Val de Lorraine 54 judo and state-certified teacher, fifth dan, gives two classes at the Dojo in Nomeny on Tuesday evenings. Its courses are intended for children from 5 to 7 years old, then for teenagers and adults. The professor draws up the club’s sporting record since the recovery.

“Although the season was cut short, the club and all the judokas together rose to the Covid challenge. Through this challenge, the values ​​of judo were very present: courage, mutual aid and friendship”, explains Roland Mayance.

To remain vigilant

The latter noted that many judokas in September 2021 wanted to resume or start judo. “I found young people all smiles and very motivated! With their kimono sometimes become too short, they do not hide their pleasure to find their friends and their teacher. “

“After almost two years of stopping the activity where all contact was prohibited, he continues, I really believed that the activity would stop. Throughout this period, the club has adapted by keeping in touch with the licensees through technical videos, physical preparation, games and challenges on social networks. “But this does not replace the face-to-face! », Estimates Roland Mayance.

After so many uncertainties and adaptations, the new season is looking good: “With the resumption in September 2021, our satisfaction is to see the return of former licensees and the arrival of new recruits, with a strong want to practice. We have returned to our pre-Covid workforce, while the national trend is down about 30%. We can therefore consider that it is a good recovery, but we must remain vigilant and respect the health protocols imposed on us, ”concludes the pillar of the Nomeny club.


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