Mototaka Valentin gives up returning to NPB “Retires from the Japanese baseball world” “Thanks to Swallows” | Full-Count

Valentin marks a total of 301 home runs at Yakult and Softbank

Outfielder Wladimir Valentin, who left Softbank last season, announced on the 23rd that he had renewed his Twitter account and abandoned his return to the Japanese baseball world.

Valentin wanted to play in Japan after leaving the Hawks. However, on Twitter updated on this day, he revealed that he had given up on returning, saying, “I would like to announce to all Japanese fans today that I will retire from the Japanese baseball world.”

The long-range gun that marked a total of 301 home runs at Yakult and Softbank, such as hitting 60 home runs that set a new professional baseball record in 2013, said, “I want to thank Swallows. It led to a wonderful career and I was able to become one of the best home run batters in the Japanese baseball world. Home ranking, Forever. “

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