Johan Bakayoko and Kazeem Olaigbe, the Red Devils scorers of tomorrow?

Common points: they have fun abroad, where they stack goal on goal, and pull behind them the Diablotins U19 of Wesley Sonck. Zoom in on two of the nuggets of Belgian football of tomorrow… and already today.

As we say in the jargon, these are ” two 2003 “. Born the same year (2003), 3 months apart, they farted the woods together in Anderlecht before flying the same way, in 2019, to their current club. They have the same winger-dribbler profile , with the same flair to fill the crates of the opposing doorman.

Johan Bakayoko (April 20, 2003) has on his identity card the sweet first name of ” Saint Cyr “. As soon as he joined his native club Tempo Overijse, where his ex-teammates still remember him today, he set fire to the U7 defences. Quickly leaving for OHL, Bruges, Mechelen and Neerpede, Saint-Cyr is today the top scorer Young PSV, the 2nd team from Eindhoven which evolves in Batavian D2. The guy has just slammed… a quadruple against Venlo and he has posted 11 goals and 8 assists in 20 matches this season!



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