Irribarria and Rezusta avoid the scare

Irribarria and Urrutikoetxea follow the trajectory of a ball hit by the Gipuzkoan. / ainhoa ​​red

They achieve their seventh point in the Couples against Urrutikoetxea and Aranguren, who reacted too late in Etxebarri

Irribarria and Rezusta added their seventh point yesterday in the Pairs at the Etxebarri pediment. Those from Aspe beat Urrutikoetxea and Aranguren in a match from more to less in which they reacted in time to avoid being scared. With this victory they get into the ointment for the fight for one of the two places that give direct access to the semifinals. In the absence of three days there are four candidates so the emotion is maximum. The Biscayan and his partner reacted late and paid the consequences. They still depend on themselves to be in the play-offs, but they need a victory as soon as possible.


So many wins: 13 | So many lost: 5 | Service points: 0


So many wins: 14 | So many lost: 3 | Service points: 3

  • balls

  • total time

  • Scorekeeper:
    1-0, 1-12, 3-12, 3-14, 4-14, 4-17, 7-17, 7-18, 14-18, 14-19, 15.19, 15-20, 16-20, 16-22

  • Incidents:
    350 spectators.

  • Bets:
    No runners.

Yesterday they fought for her in a meeting that was too complicated for them from the beginning. Those who wore blue perfectly executed the script they brought, and with the power that their rivals have, it was impossible for them to hold on. They charged back, set the pace and the forward from Arama was quick in defense and successful when it came to taking advantage of the gaps he had.

In this way, Zaratamo’s was annulled. Uncomfortable in defense and unable to attack. The result in the first mandatory break said it all (1-12). With such an advantage, it was enough for Aspe’s men to keep up the constants to win the match without too many problems, and they didn’t have many problems reaching the second break with a wide lead (7-18).

It was then that the most ambitious version of Urrutikoetxea emerged. He had no other. The Biscayan threw himself into the attack in a desperate way with a calmer ball and managed to scare his rivals. The Colorados managed to get within four goals (14-18) after the striker offered a recital of shots and allied himself above all with the ‘txoko’. However, his streak was cut short with a curious action in which Vizcaino retired late with a pitch and the ball hit him in the foot. The blues breathed and managed to tie up the clash.

Altuna III-Martija

So many wins: 10 | So many lost: 1 | Service points: 4


So many wins: 6 | So many lost: 8 | Service points: 0

  • balls

  • total time

  • Scorekeeper:
    0-1, 3-1, 3-2, 9-2, 9-4, 15-4, 15-5, 18-5, 18-7, 22-7

  • Incidents:
    517 spectators.

  • Bets:
    100 to 70 red.

Height III and Martija

Altura III and Martija, for their part, achieved a comfortable victory against Jaka and Mariezkurrena II at the Atano III fronton. The Amezketa striker did and undid at will, supported by a very confident defender. Between them they only lost one ball. Their seventh point tastes like glory.

Mariezkurrena II started the match well and released good balls with his right, but little by little it faded, just like his striker. Jaka was not at all comfortable and things did not work out for him. After 9-4, they conceded a 9-1 run that left the match practically doomed. Those from Baiko continue with four points in seventh place in the standings with the urgency to react and find a regularity that until now has been unknown to them.



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